Culinary club cooking up concoctions


Christian Mathis

Students make stuffing in Culinary III on Thursday.

Osceola’s culinary department now has a culinary club; it is held every Thursday at 1:45 in Chef Foster’s room 170. It is being held by Chef Foster and Chef Long. According to Chef Foster, the purpose of the culinary club is to have a place where students have an opportunity to cook what they do not get to cook in class due to time constraint or conflicts with the curriculum. It is also a chance for people who are interested in doing culinary competitions, and it gives people who want to be on the culinary competition team an opportunity to practice. The culinary club is not limited to those who are currently in a culinary class or those who have had a culinary class in previous years. The club is open to anyone who wants to join and anyone interested in cooking. The culinary club will also be cooking for special events here at Osceola such as booster nights and Discovery Night.
Many students do not know about a culinary club here at Osceola. Robert Stafford, 11th grade, said, “I did not have a clue about a culinary club here at Osceola but I think it’s a good thing to do because a lot of people like to cook.”  Parker Shamblin, 12th grade, said, “I actually have heard of the culinary club from my friend Richard, but I am not into cooking so it does not affect me. However it is a great thing to do if you are into cooking.”
The culinary club prepared and cooked food for Monday’s Discovery Night. Several students helped prepare a variety of foods ranging from flatbread to pumpkin pies to meatballs.