Warriors take a break

Winter break is sneaking up really quickly, with only a three week gap between Thanksgiving and the next vacation. It’s the long needed time off that the students deserve. With so much free time over the mini vacations, the Warriors all spend their breaks in very different ways, from going away for the holidays, spending the two weeks shopping or going to holiday parties or possibly just sleeping.
Vacations are taken to get away from the warm winter sun that Florida possesses, so students can go ahead and chill in the snow. “I’m going to Canada,” said Joseph Brudnicki, grade 12. “It’s going to be 3 ‘hunna’ below zero.”
Of course, Brudnicki means that it’s going to be extremely cold, which he’s not used to. Being a reversed snow bird may sound ridiculous to the rest of the country, but to the Warriors, the chance to see snow it worth it.
When the holidays come up, it’s a perfect excuse for shopping – for yourself and others. “I think my family and I are going to Tennessee,” said Sabrina O’Donnell, grade 11. “But I’m really excited to start Christmas shopping! I just really like buying gifts for other people and I think I’m pretty good at it.”
No matter how Warriors spend the holidays, they’re just glad that a break is happening.