Fellowship of Christian Athletes club prays for new members

According to The Washington Times, nearly 85% of the world’s people say they have some religious belief; a third of that group “practices Christianity.” In Mrs. Thompson’s room, she offers students the opportunity to express that faith during meetings of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Club. Mrs. Thompson states that the Fellowship of Christian athletes club has “lots of fun activities provided.”

For The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club, Mrs. Thompson says that there are always fun and new things going on. She says they enjoy “food and drinks every time you take part in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club meetings.”

This club has definitely been going on for a while now, and a group of kids have already joined.  “We have a bunch of fun games at every meeting!” says Mrs. Thompson. These meetings take place every Monday after school (1:45) in Mrs. Thompson room, which is located in the business technology hallway. In the Fellowship club, students can “hang out with your friends and talk about the Lord” says Mrs. Thompson. She added that at every meeting, “we have food faith and fun! If you are looking for some more information on the Fellowship of Athletes Club ask Julia Calandra or Casey Stephany who is in charge of FCA.”