Brenna battles for the story


Kelly Littler, Writer

“They swirled around each other like water weaving through stones, shouting cries of encouragement and beating at each other’s backs.” Brenna Garcia, 9th grade, wrote this in her short story titled “On a Chilled Winter’s Day.” Every year students in middle school and high school pull out their pens to draft a story for the Largo Library Short Story Competition. The contest gives students in Pinellas County a chance to be recognized for their talent.

Brenna Garcia joined the contest in Mr. Stewart’s class. Her story is about a battle between a tribe and a conquering army. “I was thinking about war,” she said when she wrote it. It took three re-writes to get the perfect draft of her story. She got word back recently that her story was chosen with eighteen stories from over 300 other submitted from middle and high schools in the county.  At the library’s ceremony she was awarded with an Honorable Mention certificate and fifty dollars. Brenna felt “awesome” when receiving her award, like “I could achieve something.”

In the future Brenna hopes to continue writing stories and enter more contests. Her main passion in writing is screenplays which she would like to do professionally someday.