Students on alert for thieves

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Students on alert for thieves

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Beware all gym students! Recently at Osceola there have been multiple reports of stolen items in the gym locker rooms, the most recent one being right before the start of Thanksgiving break. There have been a large number of thefts of money and phones, mainly in the boys’ locker room.

“I believe it is absolutely ridiculous that people feel the need to steal the items of other people,” said Jared Ramos, 10th grade, “it shows a weak character.” Students are angry with these thefts occurring in their locker rooms and are taking extra precautions in protecting their things. “I think it’s a shame that you can’t leave your stuff out in the locker room and risk getting it stolen,” said Andrew Inskeep, 11th grade. “Now I have to lock my backpack up which is a pain and now it kind of smells like dirty gym clothes.”

Consequences of these thefts could include up to a one day suspension. If the items that were stolen are returned to the rightful owner, there will be no criminal charges made by the school. It is hard to tell who these thieves were, considering there are no security cameras in the locker room; they only have them outside the doors. The coaches are taking extra precautions in making sure that everyone’s belongings are safe. According to Deputy Shorter, “The coaches are doing physical walkthroughs down the halls after everyone leaves the locker room.”

Here are some tips to ensure your items are safe:
• Leave your cell phone or wallet in your personal school locker before going to gym.
• Lock your belongings in your gym locker.
• Be sure to look around and make sure you don’t accidentally leave your belongings out sitting on the benches.
• Put your items in your backpack, zipped up, and put it underneath the benches.
If you or someone you know have any information about who has been stealing people’s items, or see it happen yourself, tell either the coaches or teachers and let Deputy Shorter handle the situation.