Homecoming court confusion cleared

On the 10th of October, Osceola Fundamental’s 2015 homecoming will be in full swing. This year there has been some confusion about the process of voting for homecoming. According to Miss Roush, student government advisor, each grade level will only vote for the candidates in that grade.

Freshmen will vote for one girl and one boy. Seniors will vote for six girls and six boys. There are only two sophomore boys who are running for homecoming, and there are three junior boys on the ballot, so voting is not needed.

“We have two sophomore boys that applied, but they have no competition so they already won those positions,” said Miss Roush. “This year twenty four senior girls and ten senior boys running for court, so the competition will be fierce!” she said.

This year, there will be 4 stations set up with tables located near the gym doors. Students will find their grade level station and paperwork next to their names.  You must initial the paperwork, then students will take the ballot to their voting station. After making the selections on the ballot, the students will take the ballot to the Pinellas County Elections worker and she will run it through the computerized tally machine.

The names of the king and queen will not be announced until half time of the football game on October 9th.

The winners of court will be announced in the morning on Monday, October 5th. If there is any kind of tie, the winner will then be based on GPA.