Librarian sub says he loves Osceola Students

Mr. Edenfield is the current librarian substitute for our school. When asked how he liked Osceola he said that “by far I love Osceola the most.”

He said that he subs at Osceola, also Seminole but prefers Osceola. He reflects on the students behavior and said that the “kids are polite and better than other students at other schools.”

Mr. Edenfield said that he has subbed in almost every area. “When I don’t know a particular subject I try to learn from the assignment that was left. I speak Spanish so subbing for Spanish is always fun. “

When speaking of subbing in general, he said that, “I love subbing but I usually substitute just one day a week, not every day.” Yesterday was an exception for him because yesterday he was the substitute for the band “It was great!” he said.

OHS librarian Ms. Roush retired last week.