COVID-19 fears change Warriors’ lives



        This time last year, multiple companies were producing false claims that their products would prevent Covid-19.  On March 21st, 2020, many beaches in Florida closed. Fear surrounded the world. Stores were short of stock. Restaurants were closed for dining. Small businesses were shutting down. Florida was in a lockdown. Multiple families, including many Warriors’ families, came together to help one another. Alyssa Delima, 12th grade, said, “We went to Tennessee and stayed with my grandma until about the middle of May.”

“The world changed in a matter of days

Students moved from a two-week break to a horror movie. A virtual mess. Days went by. Every student was online. Sites were crashing, and students were failing. Everything was disorganized and there was no drive to get up to complete work. Alyssa said, “Online school was all new, and being in a different time zone made it even more difficult than it already was.”   

        Multiple people lost jobs and struggled with money. Adriana Scognamiglio, 9th grade, explained how she felt fortunate that her families’ jobs worked around this pandemic. She said, “I was at home the entire time; my dad was at work and my mom was working from home.”   The world was in fear things would never become the same. Adriana said, “I thought we were never going to go back to normal.” People realized what they took for granted and how the world had hit a dead stop. Sports… canceled, school… canceled, dances, dinners, holidays; everything was gone within an instant. Carsyn Lathrop, 10th grade, said, “I was scared that my sports would be cancelled for good.” The future was uncertain, and people had to learn to live in the moment and for what they had.   

        COVID stopped travel and put the world in a lockdown. Airports and cruise lines closed, which hit the travel industry hard. According to,“$1 trillion dollars was lost, and 100 million jobs were at risk.” Carsyn explains how she was supposed to fly out to South Carolina to see family, but due to COVID, those plans were canceled. Even today, the travel industry is at a low as the fear of the virus affects people and availability for COVID-safe travel is short. COVID hit the world hard and put a stop to most plans in 2020. Times are different now due to the virus and might be forever.

Estimated number of COVID cases: 30 million.-March 30th, 2021