Warriors share testing tips


Drew Jackson

Testing has begun at Osceola and will continue until the last day of school.

Julianna Marlow

     As the school year winds down, excitement fills the air, students will graduate, and others will become upperclassmen, while many Warriors move on to college or the military. Along with all this excitement comes the stress of testing, the stress of exams, and the stress of the future. But testing itself does not have to be such a worry.

    Warriors’ tips for testing

“Read questions before the articles, so you know what you are looking for.” 

“Focus on understanding by highlighting and taking notes useful for you.” 

“Highlight and circle in the questions.”

“Get a good night’s rest.”

“Use your time wisely.” 

“Study days before so you don’t have to cram it all in in one night.”


“Students are capable of passing any test with the correct mindset.”

Although testing can cause stress, students can find comfort in the fact that testing is what they have prepared for all year. Testing for Warriors begins April 14th and travels through the end of the school year.

Some Important Testing days:

May 18th and 19th: US History EOC

May 20th and 21st: Biology EOC

May 25th and 26th: Geometry EOC

May 27th and 28th: Algebra 1 EOC

May 25th– 28th: Senior Exam Week

June 4th – 9th: Final Exam Week

Check the Osceola Fundamental High School’s website for more.