Warriors makin’ money

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April 16, 2021

Gavin Kane

Deputy Nocera on duty in the hallways during school hours making sure everyone stays safe.

Many Warrior students and staff members will be getting a job over the summer. These students and staff are working at places from as ice cream shops to intersections and highways.

Deputy Nocera, Osceola SRO, will be “patrolling calls for service and serve as a traffic enforcement officer in higher populated intersections where crashes are more likely to happen.” Deputy Nocera will also be doing beach patrol and will work eight hours a day from Monday through Friday every week.

Wes D’Angio, a sophomore at Osceola, said that he “works at Cold Stone, making all the ice cream, checking what ice cream flavors the shop is running out of, and what I need to make more of.” Wes works around sixteen hours throughout the four days a week he’s working. He started working at Cold Stone during the school year and plans to keep working there over the summer.

Bella Pichardo, a junior at Osceola, says that she works for Middle Grounds. “During the day, I walk people to their tables or answers phone calls for the restaurant.” Bella works three to four days a week and usually around six to seven hours. Bella has done a job just like this at a restaurant called Island Way Grill. Deputy Nocera, Wes and Bella will all be hard at work during the summer makin’ money.