Warriors travel both near and far for spring break


Kelli Slater

There were beautiful sunrises along with great weather over spring break. This sunrise picture was taken by Kelli Slater at Clearwater Beach.

Gavin Kane, Staff Writer

       Many Warriors went on vacation, participated in athletic events, or even had multiple relaxing days at the beach over the break.

      Julia Tripp, 10th grade, said, “I went to a lake house with some friends.” Julia said that they wake-boarded and surfed while they were there. They even got to check out Gainesville on their way back home.

      Another student, Wes D’Angio, said, “I went to Breckinridge, Colorado with my family over the break. We used to live there when I was little, so it’s nice to go back there for vacations.” Wes also said, “My family and I share a lot of good memories from vacations in Colorado, like everyone getting to ski down big hills and mountains.” The last day was the best day, according to Wes, because there were four inches of fresh snow when they woke up. Both of these students said that they really enjoyed their breaks off and that they really needed it.