Grad Bash: Is it worth the trip?


Seniors talk about if going to Grad Bash is worth it.

Jeremiah Morris, Staff Writer

Grad Bash has always been an amazing event for seniors. Many seniors look forward to this day. It has been known as one of the big senior trips of the whole year. The event will take place in Orlando at Universal Studios. It is coming up fast, as the seniors will be going on April 25th from 7 PM to 2 AM.

Elijah Berrian, 12th grade, said, “I’m not going to go because its kind of a late notice for me, but I’ve heard its really fun from the past seniors that went.” Some are seniors are planning to go but some don’t feel the need to.

Anthony Sangollo, 12th grade, said, “I am definitely going to Grad Bash. Its one of the best trips of our senior year. I wouldn’t dare miss it.”