Spring Break spoiled by lack of sun for some


Kaia Walker

A pretty sky picture.

Savannah Wasko, Guest Writer

On a Thursday morning, Angelina, 10th grade, was attempting to enjoy her spring break at Clearwater Beach. She didn’t realize that cold weather would be moving into Pinellas County. “It ruined my spring break. I wanted to go to the beach, but it was just too cold and wet that I just went home.” The chilly weather tarnished the day for Angelina since she was looking forward to a sunny day on her week off. If she could have it her way, she would have rather it been a “sunny and cool day, not gloomy, and a hot chocolate to sip on.” Angelina is not the only one who dislikes the cold weather. Tammy, 9th grade, said, “I hate it when I’m waiting for the bus in the morning before school. I have to wait outside for 5 minutes, I’m shivering, and my nose turns red.” The brisk weather has affected people all over the county, leaving some with unhappy faces. Meghan, 9th grade, said, “It was too cold in the morning, but later in the day it was nice and sunny. It was actually refreshing because we usually have such hot weather. I like being able to wear a jacket. Although it was weird that this cold weather happened in March.” Having cold weather this time of the year was “unexpected”, since in Pinellas County it is usually quite warm in March. Allison, 9th grade, said, “I was prepared for weather. I made sure to bring some sort of jacket to school with me every day. I’m just surprised that this weather happened so late in March. Spring just started!” On the other hand, some were not as prepared. Noelle, 9th grade, said, “I was not expecting it to be so cold. I had no jacket at first, and I was freezing. The only nice thing about this cold weather was I got to drink hot chocolate in the evening.” According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature was in the high 50s and slowly increased throughout the week. Having the weather constantly fluctuate has impacted students’ lives throughout Pinellas County. The Tampa Bay area has gotten many cold fronts in the past couple of months but having it in late March is “strange.” Nolan, 9th grade, said, “I have been loving the cold weather. It’s better to play soccer outside in the cooler weather rather than hot and sunny weather.” The cold weather has been beneficial to some students. Emma, 9th grade, said, “This weather has been great. It’s a nice change from the hot Florida weather we usually have. My perfect cold day is wearing jackets and having some hot chocolate.”