The new Cinderella takes the stage


The set room is messy from the preparations for each upcoming show.

Elle Steele, Rebecca Wood, and Molly Crabtree

“Bippity Boppity Boo! Who says he must give her the shoe?”

The new spring musical is Cinderella-inspired, but with a twist. It’s a modern Cinderella play! Many people are excited about this new version of the musical, because not only is it “empowering”, but it also tells the perspective of “more modern, and depth characters,” said Molly Crabtree, 9th grade. Marie Belcher, 9th grade, exclaimed, “I’m really excited to see all the magic that goes into it. I’m really excited to see what happens and I know it will turn out amazing. This will probably be our best show yet!” The musical will run April 20th through the 22nd at 7pm in the auditorium. It is $5 for students and $10 for any adult to attend. To find out more information, you can go to Mr. Pace, the theatre director, believes, “Cinderella is a classic story, and the modern version tells a really great story of self-determination and self-advocacy. I think, considering the continuing scope of a global pandemic, that a traditional feel-good musical was in order.” Lily Joseph, 9th grade, is not only active in many sports, but also “loves supporting her school.” When asked if she was planning on attending the musical, she did not hesitate in her response and said, “Yeah, of course! I know a lot of people worked hard putting it together and I want to support them! Also, I know that they need funding and when I buy tickets, I know it goes straight to the theater department.” Tech Assistant Abby Moore, 10th grade, believes working behind the scenes is one of the best parts of the musical. When backstage, she said, “You get to see a lot of the different elements of the show, and you can see all the Easter eggs you added with your crew. You also get to hang out with a lot of people and get to see the little things that the audience doesn’t usually notice. You get to appreciate the show more because you can see both the work that went into it and the result.” The musical might just inspire many young viewers. As Allegra Durst, 9th grade, puts it, “It shows that we don’t need some sort of miracle to achieve things. While it is easier when you do have help, the Fairy Godmother has a line where she says that Cinderella doesn’t need her help; she just thinks she does.”