Warriors enjoy excellent gifts

Christian Mathis, Writer

Winter break has come and gone and many students received a wide variety of gifts. Students’ gifts ranged from watches, fit bits, gift cards to iPhones and even a car. During the holiday season people are given many gifts that are not always useful, such towels, socks, gift cards to places that people do not like. What gifts do students make use of? Zane Edmiston, 10th grade, said, “Yeah, the gift I got that I use the most is this new watch.”
Many Warriors received technology-related gifts that they use often. Madison Seale, 10th grade, said, “The gift that I use the most is my new Polaroid camera.”
Another sophomore said her new tech toy is the latest in Apple’s line. Nora B., 10th grade, said, “I get to use my new iPhone 6S that I got for Christmas.” Lauren Lloyd, 10th grade, said she is enjoying free time more thanks to a different kind of present. “One of my gifts was new TV speakers.”
Other types of gifts students got help them at the drive-thru.  Zayviana Singletary, 11th grade, said, “I use the Chick-fil-A gift cards I got for Christmas.”

Of course, there is always cash.  Preya Persaud, 12th grade, said, “I use the money, clothes and makeup that I got for Christmas.”