Halloween on Monday frightens Warriors


Josh Jones

Luke Leskanic shows his excitement for Halloween night while eating a pop tart.

Cody Hausdorf, Writer

As every kid in America has known for a while, Halloween is falling on a Monday this year and negativity from a large cluster of Osceola students is pouring out. Monday seems to be the most difficult day to make plans for Warriors. This definitely hasn’t stopped their Halloween spirit, though. For example, Osceola senior Luke Leskanic explains his plans for this Halloween. “I won’t be able to go to any friends’ houses like usual because Halloween is on a Monday, but I’m going to a wild party at my grandma’s house. Everyone is bummed out because they can’t do anything, but I don’t even like Halloween in the first place so I’m not that upset. Also my grandma is awesome and she parties hard.”

Unlike Luke, there are a lot of students who are the opposite of being okay with Halloween being on this day. A prime example is Adam Swain who couldn’t be more furious that Halloween is on a Monday. “Halloween is the best holiday of the year and I’m mad it falls on the worst day of the week. I make my Halloween plans way in advance so I knew it was on Monday at the beginning of the year and I’m still salty about it.” Adam is still hanging out with friends at night though he isn’t happy about the limitations he’s receiving. “Schools should understand how much fun students have on Halloween and should consider giving us the day off in the future. It’s also a day that I have always spent having a great time with family and friends and it’s a pretty important holiday to me.”

One sophomore who isn’t affected at all by Halloween’s choice of day says, “I just go trick or treating every year and get a bunch of candy and go home. I can still do that on a Monday with no problem. Nothing is going to stop my candy grind except my mom forcing me to come back inside to do homework that I refuse to do. Homework assigned on Halloween is not real homework in my book.”