Bowling club strikes success


Justine Zitman

Mitch Huett is captain of the bowling team.

Christian Mathis , Writer

“I bowled a perfect 300 game by getting 12 strikes, and then Phillip Reckner bowled one two weeks after I did”, said Mitch Huett 12th grade bowling team captain.

The bowling team is not considered an official team and is instead a bowling club. The club meets every week at the Sunrise Lanes, and competes with each other as well as against other teams. The team captain is Mitch Huett. He leads the team under the guidance of the coach. Mitch Huett, 12th grade, said, “our bowling team is doing pretty good this year, better than the last couple of years.”  Mitch also said “some of the members on the bowling team this year are me, my brother Denver Huett, Phillip Reckner, Austin Cain, Jared Ramos and a few other people.”  The bowling team has similar things to all of Osceola’s other teams. They still have team shirts made up of the school colors.

There are two different kinds of competitions – single comps and team comps. During single comps, each member of the bowling team competes against all the other members of the bowling team. They all bowl a regular game of bowling, rolling the ball and knocking down pins, with strikes and spares being worth ten points with an addition of the points from the next ball. However when they bowl against another team, each team bowls as they would during a regular game, but the teams total points are  added together, and whichever team has the most points wins.

Some people who know about the bowling club know about it from family or friends. Josh Brian, 12th grade, said, “Yeah, I know about the bowling club. My bro Zack is on the bowling team and he talks about it sometimes.” Another Warrior who has heard about the bowling team, Brandon Croft, 12th grade, said, “Yeah I have a friend on the bowling team. I heard they’re doing pretty well, and that there doing way better than last year.”