Students take trips over time off


Josh Jones

Warriors left campus for their longest break of the school year.

Christian Mathis, Writer

        Over winter break there are a lot of reasons for people to travel, whether going to see family for the holidays, going on a trip for vacation, or driving  just to get somewhere like Disney or Bush Gardens. Many Warriors went places and did things over break, some of which include going out of state, going to visit family, going to theme parks or just going on a family road trip.

     Yonathen Perez, 11th grade, said, “Over break, me and my dad went to Bush Gardens. It was pretty fun.”  Another Warrior who visited a theme park was Samantha, 10th grade, said, “Me and my family traveled to Disney World and spent a couple of nights at the park.”

      There were other reasons why Warriors traveled besides for vacation or to visit theme parks. Ashton James, 12th grade, said, “Me and my brother and my parents all drove up to visit my grandparents for the holidays.”

      Some Warriors did not get a chance to travel over break. Julia Davison, 12th grade, said, “I didn’t really get a chance or travel or anything; literally all I did was work.” 

      Austin, 12th grade, said, “Pretty much the only traveling I did over break was when I practiced driving and when I drove to work or just to get food. Usually my family drives to go see my grandparents, but this year we just did a small Christmas so we didn’t go anywhere.”    

      Ms.  Wilma, of the Snore No More coffee cart, said she was happy to stay put.  “I hung out with my family, but that’s okay because Florida is the vacation capital of the world.”