La La Land loads up on lavish awards


Justine Zitman

Caption: Kirrin Opiela, 9th grade, listens to “City of Stars.”

Kyla MacDonald, Writer

The film “La La Land” not only loaded up on acting awards, but the soundtrack is getting recognition too.  Songwriters received an Oscar for best song.

The song City of Stars, played numerous times throughout the movie, has gained a lot of attention. City of Stars, written by Justin Hurwitz, was ranked number one on the charts. Along with the songs, the album altogether was ranked as number two on the Billboard Charts.

Hurwitz, received numerous positive reviews about the songs he created. Entertainment Weekly commented on Justin’s expertise, saying, “ The songs have both an intimacy and an occasional irony”.  

Some students at Osceola listened to the number one song off the album, and gave their opinion. Kirrin Opiela, freshman, watched the movie before listening to the album by itself. Kirrin explained, “I enjoyed the song; it’s unlike the music that is produced in today’s music”.

While Kirrin had viewed the movie, Hannah Toccalino had not. Hannah, 9th grade, explained “I love how the two actors sang the song. (The actors) give several renditions”. After the Oscars, fans gave even more attention to the album. If you want an earful, you can go to Spotify, iTunes, or several other music sources to listen to the album, and make up your own mind.

The movie “La La Land” was released in early December.  Rolling Stone called the film “sheer perfection”. The musical was awarded for best director as well as other categories.