Osceola has an outbreak of spring break fever


Josh Jones

Senior Leah Pecora hopes to learn some new soccer moves down in Mexico.

Jake Nicholas, Writer

With Spring Break right around the corner, students are already packing up their sunscreen and beach towels in anticipation of the much needed break. All across Florida students are flocking to the best beaches to have fun in the sun. Many students from the senior class decided they were going to go on a trip with their friends during the break. Senior Leah Pecora and some of her friends are going on a cruise. “We came up with the idea to book a cruise last year,” she said, “All of us just wanted to have one last trip together before we all leave for college.”

Other students decided to embark on a cheaper trip for break. Senior Leah Vricos is traveling with hey friends to Cocoa Beach for Spring Break. “My friends and I really wanted to leave the county, but didn’t want to spend a large amount of money on a vacation that would break our banks,” she said. “Cocoa is perfect. We can drive to the other coast and stay for a couple days and still have a great time.”

Spring Break is the students’ last long break before final exams. Taso Halverson is making sure that he will get the most out of this break with some of his best friends. “It’s my senior year, so this Spring Break needs to be one where lifelong memories are made.” For Pinellas county students, Spring Break lasts from March 13 – Monday, March 20.  School starts up Tuesday.