Beach days and catching waves

Joe Ligrani , Staff Writer

Monday marked the start of spring, and many students are getting back to beach days and catching waves. One of these students is senior Jared McFadden.  Jared has been surfing since he was in middle school and goes to the beach at least twice a week. “Here we can swim, paddle board, fish, boat, kayak and so many more things and it is only the middle of March,” said Jared. The average temperature for the month of March in Tampa, Florida is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. To view monthly averages for Tampa click here.  This is much warmer than up north or west like in the city of Denver, Colorado. There the average low for the month of March is 24 degrees with the high being only 57 degrees Fahrenheit. “Growing up on the coast of Florida is something not everyone gets to experience, “said Jared.

Aside from activities on the water other students are getting outside to play sports, walk their pets and hang out with friends at local community parks including Junior Owen Donaldson. “So many people go the beach and I think its way to mainstream,” said Owen. “I would much rather throw a Frisbee with some friends at a park where there is open space than a crowded beach.” Either way after a rather chilly past couple months, Warriors are excited to be able to get back in the sun. “I’m happy I can finally get my summer tan back,” said senior Alyssa Kyle.