Righter ready to retire


Christian Mathis, Staff Writer

 Mr. Righter, U.S. Government teacher, is retiring at the end of the school year. He has taught a variety of subjects such as government, Global Studies, and AP comparative government and politics at Osceola for twenty years. Before Osceola, he taught for two years at the Pace Center for Girls. Mr. Righter said, “I think I am just bored with the routine of teaching.” One sophomore said, “I will miss Mr. Righter. I had him last year and he is one of my favorite teachers. I understand why he wants to retire; doing the same thing every day the same times every day gets really boring.”

    He was involved in several clubs in his run at Osceola, and probably the most notable was the Ukulele Club. “My favorite memory was when the ukulele club played at Graduation six years ago,”  said Mr. Righter. With Righter retiring, though, there is no one left to lead the ukulele club next year. “I am not sure about the long term survival of the Ukulele club,” Mr. Righter said. Ukulele is more than just a school club or something to do at school. Mr. Righter enjoys it in his free time. Mr. Righter said, “I really enjoy playing Jack Johnson songs.” Some of the more famous Jack Johnson songs are “Better Together”, “Upside Down”, and “Banana Pancakes.”

    Mrs. Lennon, AP Human Geography teacher, said, “Mr. Righter helped show me the ropes when I was a new teacher.” She also said, “Mr. Righter has great one liners; he is hilarious and an overall great person.”