Students get creative with promposals


Cody Hausdorf, Staff Writer

              With prom being at the end of this month, students are beginning their promposals. It’s a well-known tradition when you’re asking someone to prom, you should do it in an exciting and creative way. Luke Leskanic, 12th grade, said, “My girlfriend really likes gum. So I got my mom to paint the logo of Extra gum on a poster and I decorated it with a bunch of colors. Then I waited in her room before she got home from work and surprised her with the poster and a lot of gum.”  (see what the poster said in the picture.)

                Collin Martini, 12th grade, said, “My girlfriend doesn’t go to Osceola but I still am going to ask her to my prom. Since she goes to a different school than I do, I plan on making a poster that has something to do with her school. My problem is I’m not good at playing with words and making witty puns and those are usually key parts of a good prom proposal.”

                Prom is coming up very soon, so if you haven’t thought about asking your special someone to prom in a special way, you might want to consider it. Prom is on Saturday, April 29th at the Coliseum. 

                Tyler Porter, 11th grade, said, “I don’t think asking someone to prom in a special way is very important when you’re a junior. I get if you’re a senior and it’s your last year you’re able to go to prom, then you might want to be asked in a special way; but I think as a junior, I don’t think it’s a big deal that I’m asking my special someone in a very average way.”