Starbucks Frappuccino Frenzy


Justine Zitman

The newest Starbucks Frappuccino, the Midnight Mocha Mint, mixes dark chocolate and mint into 470 calories.

Lauren Callahan, Staff Writer

From the Pumpkin Spice Latte to the Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks has offered limited-time and seasonal drinks that cause the public to flock to the nearest artsy café-marketplace to get a taste of these colorful concoctions. Even though these creations are extremely photogenic and pop-up on what seems like every social media feed, are these special items actually good for you and do they even taste okay?

According to the Starbucks nutrition page, the famed Unicorn Frappuccino has 410 calories and 59 grams of sugar for 16 ounces, or a grande size. The drink consists of three different types of syrup and contains no actual caffeine.  The Unicorn Frappuccino is currently not being sold but some hope for its return.

The fall favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL), has been a part of the Starbucks menu for 14 years, but has a whopping 50 grams of sugar and 150 milligrams of caffeine for 16 ounces. The PSL claims to have “flavor notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove,” but some criticize it to be overwhelming and taste too much like pumpkin. The PSL is expected to return in fall.

Following the Unicorn Frappuccino, the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino has made its way to local Starbucks franchises, featuring mint, mocha chocolate, and only 80 milligrams of coffee for 16 ounces. Weighing in at 470 calories and 52 grams of sugar, the Midnight Mocha Mint Frappuccino is currently available for purchase.