Spirit Week brings out your spirit


A student dressed up as “Master Chief” for Character Day last year.

Ethan Tuttle, Sports Writer

            Next week is Spirit Week, and everyone is getting ready to show off their Warrior Pride. Sophomore Enisa Struthers is ecstatic for the upcoming spirit week. “Yes, I’m excited. I’m most excited for character day because you get the opportunity to dress up as something that you don’t get to be in everyday life.” Enisa isn’t the only person to be excited about the coming week.

            Taylor Cramer already has her whole week planned out.“I’m dressing up every day… I’ve planned out everything I’m going to dress up as or wear.” Spirit week also unites friends in groups. Sophomore Chloe Polce said “I’m definitely dressing up with my friends… it’s fun to dress up with people rather than do it alone.”

             There’s more to spirit week than dressing up and collaborating with friends. Spirit week allows people to express themselves at a deeper level and allow people to show a side of themselves that we don’t get to see during the regular school year. From dressing up as “Alvin and the Chipmunks” on Character day to dressing as a cowboy on Country day. Whatever you dress up as, it’s letting your personality shine through, something that us as students don’t get to do on an everyday basis.