Freshman no more


Two freshmen walk into their futures at OHS.

Ethan Tuttle, Sports writer

           As the year continues, sophomores start to lose their “freshmen stripe”. There’s no secret that being a freshman isn’t exactly the highlight of one’s high school career, but it’s one you can’t avoid. What exactly do the ups and downs of freshman year look like? Well, sophomore Nicky Polanco said he “hated having to keep up with the homework that was given every day”. So being a freshman really introduces you into a world that many of us have never been introduced into before, such as having to keep up with and turn in work on an everyday basis. This wasn’t the only problem that former freshman saw. Maddy Gomes said, “It was annoying to continuously be referred to as ‘freshman.” Maddy also saw it in a different light than others. “If there’s something that I could positively take away from freshman year is that I better understand how the school works”. Freshmen of the past didn’t necessarily find their freshman year to be very entertaining, but what about the freshman of the present?

            As the incoming freshman have started their high school careers, they reflect on how this year has treated them so far. Freshman Ryan Tong said, “I really like high school and it’s been great making some new friends along the way.” Ryan is very optimistic about his future here at Osceola and can’t wait to see where high school takes him next. Freshman of old and new all have one thing in common. They’ve been through the struggles of dealing with upperclassmen and not knowing the best way around, but always seem to have a positive outlook on things. As sophomores advance, the former freshmen can’t wait for what high school has for them next.