Grab one to go

Sophomore Ethan Tuttle, buys snacks at the vending machine.

Sophomore Ethan Tuttle, buys snacks at the vending machine.

Makenna Lenges, Copy Editor/Writer

   During the school day all students tend to get hungry, seeing as the lunches are at 10 am and 11 am. Eating lunch pretty early in the morning can cause people to become starving from end of lunches until students get released out of school at 1:50 pm. 

       Many students carry little snacks in their backpacks such as Goldfish, chips, little candies or even protein bars. The snacks vary depending on the students and what they prefer. There are also snack and drink vending machines that many students use on a daily basis. Freshman Pablo Rafael said, “I tend to get hungry right around the ending of 5th period and the beginning of 6th period”. The students normally stick to their favorite snacks and don’t tend to change them up. Sophomore Lauryn Winger stated,  “My favorite snack to get and eat at school is the pop tarts because they are quick and easy to grab and they don’t make a mess.”

       Quick and easy snacks are a go-to for many students. Dillon Secor said the easiest drink to bring to school is water and it is pretty healthy. Also Fruit Snacks are pretty good for a quick snack”. Students tend to eat snacks instead of eating lunch at school, and then they eat lunch after school either at Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Chipotle, or even some students go get a Sandwich from Publix or Subway. Some teachers allow students to eat and drink in class because they realize that they get hungry.

        Teachers accept waters and coffee most the time, but other teachers may not allow it in their classrooms. Whether students can have water and food in classes all depend on the teachers. Some teachers, like students tend to get hungry and thirsty during the day and may bring snacks with them as well to have throughout the day.