Hot Wheels


Different types of cars can be seen from our own parking lot.

Bilal Uddin, Sports Writer

                What kind of cars do people drive? Students, teachers and administrators have so many different cars around the school. Junior Bobby Martin has a 2011 Ford Mustang premium.  He named his car “Betsy” because “it’s just an everyday car name; at least (as far as) I know.” The car that he one day wishes for is a Lamborghini Aventador because “it’s my dream car and I would look like an absolute savage.”

                Junior Nima Torabi has a Toyota Corolla 2015, he named his car “Gary, the grey Corolla” because “it sounded catchy and makes sense.” His car that he one day wishes for is a Tesla Roadster because “it is my dream car and my favorite car of all time.”

               Substitute Teacher/Football coach/Basketball coach Brian Ponder has a Chevy Impala. Unfortunately he didn’t choose a name for his car. His car that he one day wishes for is a Chevy Truck because “I always wanted a truck especially a Chevy one.” Students and teachers aspire to have many different cars. Some want expensive super cars and others just want an everyday average car. Some people are just happy with the cars they already own. Overall students and teachers drive a variety of cars from many dealerships.