Warriors painting their futures


These are some students who were featured for the Morean.

Azalee Nelson, Web Editor/Writer

A few students recently received awards for their excellent art abilities.  Ashley Ross and Tiavee Thach both created art that will be featured at the Morean Word & Image Art Show. The theme of the contest was “If…” They were to create an art piece along with a story that goes with it.  

Tiavee was given an honorable mention for her work. She had a lot going on in her art piece, even though it seems simple. Given, it is in black and white. “I’ve always preferred more of a minimalist art style, one that was simple but eye catching,” said Tiavee. The three characters are all waiting at a bus stop, with different emotions and things going on. “The three characters that stand beside each other are all different. In age, in clothing, and in past.” Tiavee at first didn’t know about the Art Show but was surprised she won nevertheless.  “If I’m honest, I didn’t know about the whole exhibition, me being the scatterbrain that I am. But nonetheless, I’m glad that people have considered my work to be valuable”.

Ashley’s art and story was influenced from people spending too much time on their phones, and she’s tired of it.  Ms. Gates and Ms. Quimby are both huge inspirations to her “because they’re supportive.” She was one of three students in the county to win the Award of Excellence. She received a certificate for 6 weeks at the Morean. “I still can’t believe it,” she said.

Ashley’s and Tiavee’s art was first displayed on October 26th , 2018. It will be showcased until December 2nd. Other students were also showcased in the art show, including Trey Martin, Heather Joyce, and Sydney Harris.