Expectations and Realities of High School


One student demonstrates the difficulties some students could have with their lockers.

Makenna Lenges, Copy editor and writer

High school can be a different experience than what is expected. For example, high school isn’t exactly like the movies such as “High School Musical”. There are many expectations that students have, but once entering high school it turns out that not all of those things happen.  That’s the reality of it all.

1st   Scenario: Walking in on the first day of school.

     Expectations: Incoming freshmen are pretty nervous, and some expect to be made fun of.

     Reality: Freshmen walking in are still nervous, but upperclassmen leave everyone alone. Freshman Alex Goudy said, “I felt uncomfortable and (it was) nerve racking because a lot of kids that go to the school are older.”

2nd Scenario: Finding their classes on the first day.

     Expectations: Most people get nervous about getting lost.

     Reality: Finding the classes isn’t that hard on the first day.  There are teachers standing around that help direct the way to the classes. BrieOnna Mayhew stated, “Finding the classes is not that hard, seeing as you can just look at the numbers on the side of the door.”

3rd Scenario: Having trouble with the lockers.

     Expectations: Students, mainly freshmen, are worried about not being able to get their locker opened on the first day.

     Reality: Lockers are not that hard to get open. Freshman Tyler Smith said, “No one has to be worried about getting their locker open. It is a very simple process and there is always someone there to help.” 

     At the beginning of the year, some freshmen were worried about being bullied, not knowing where their classes were, and having trouble opening their lockers.  After a couple of weeks, everything got pretty normal and easy to figure out.