Candies, cookies, and cakes, oh my!


Bookkeeping decorated their area for the holidays.

Azalee Nelson, Web editor and writer

Sweets play a big role in the holiday season. Santa himself enjoys the typical holiday cookies. Many people enjoy giving as much as receiving. From fruit cakes to gingerbread houses, what sweets satisfy people the most?

Some students said they liked cookies the most. “Makes me feel festive,” said one 9th grader.  Another student, Roni Salhab, said his festive favorite was gingerbread cookies.  Austin Colasanti enjoyed pumpkin pie as his favorite sweet treat. Eggnog and some cookies were disliked the most by these students. “It (eggnog) tastes like nail polish remover,” one student said.

Teens aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth. Osceola staff members also have their cravings. Mr. Bohnet’s favorites are holiday cookies of any kind. Others enjoyed the classic candy cane. Coach Ponder’s favorite flavor of candy cane is starburst. He likes it because he enjoys starburst candies. “It’s a starburst candy cane.” He can’t stand any peppermint flavored foods. “Peppermint flavor anything is nasty,” Ponder said.

Sheriff Wollcott enjoys eggnog. Fruitcake is not a favorite. “It’s dry and gross. (I) don’t get how older people eat it,” said Sheriff Wollcott. “’Cause they’ve got no teeth!” Exclaimed Deputy Smallios.

What candies do you prefer this season?