A sweet gift

Ethan Tuttle, Sports Writer

      Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner and the search for the perfect gift is on. Couples in every grade want to make their significant other happy, just like freshman Ryan Tong. Ryan said, “I want to get the best gift possible… I think that that comes from a homemade gift, something that comes from the heart that really makes the thought count.” Homemade gifts are gifts that can stay within your budget. One idea for a homemade gift would be making cookies in the shape of hearts and writing a nice, heartfelt letter to go with it. However, some people like to go in a different direction. Sophomore Cory Garner would rather purchase something than get creative.

“I feel like if I got something from the store, it’d be a lot better because I feel like I’m not a very creative person.” Cory is not alone, as many people feel like if they created a gift themselves, it wouldn’t be very good.  One purchase from a store might be some chocolate to go along with a bouquet of flowers. These are potentially two solid solutions, but what about combining the best of both worlds?

Sophomore Nick Polanco said, “I think the best idea, personally, is getting both flowers and chocolate. You can’t go wrong, and it’ll make your valentine extremely happy.”