Valentine’s Day decorations brighten the office

Student services is decorated with pink and red hearts for valentines day.

Student services is decorated with pink and red hearts for valentines day.

Vaughn Salcedo, General Writer

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   When it’s Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday, some offices in the school become decorated for that one holiday. Ms. Nolan, alpha clerk for students with last names P-Z, said she likes decorating for the holidays “because it makes everybody happy.” She also said her favorite holiday to decorate for is “Valentine’s Day, because I love the little hearts that go everywhere.”

    They may look like they cost a lot at first, but that’s not the case. Ms. Nolan said, “We make almost all of them.” When one of the offices have a decoration they don’t make themselves, they cost “just a few dollars, maybe no more than $5 at Dollar Tree,” Ms.  Nolan said.  One of Ms. Nolan’s office assistants, Shannon McKelvey, 11th, said she likes decorating the office for the holidays. She said, “It spreads love and happiness, and it gets everyone into the spirit.”

    McKelvey said Halloween is her favorite.  “I like the decorations and the spookiness.” Another office assistant, Jacob Well, 11th, said his favorite holiday is also Halloween. “It’s spooky and there’s really cool decorations that can pop out at you.”   

Another office assistant, Aislyn Graves, 11th, said she likes Christmas decoration best.  “I like green and red and they’re my favorite colors and it’s my favorite holiday.”