Lost and Found loading up


Lost and found gains a “collection” of water bottles.

Megan Heller, Web editor/ writer

    Throughout the busy school day, it is easy to get distracted and forget your lunch box or water bottle in your class. After a long sports practice, you may be tired and forget to grab your bag or your jacket, but what about a retainer? If teachers find a misplaced item, they take it to lost and found in hopes that it will be claimed by its owner.

    To claim your water bottle, lunch box, or jacket, make sure you describe your missing item to Mrs. Nolan and give your name. Mrs. Nolan will then look through the collection for your item and notify you. The lost and found, located in student services in Mrs. Nolan’s office, has gained many items over the past few weeks.

    The lost and found is organized into different sections, making it easier for items to be recognized. Lunch boxes and bags are under Mrs. Nolan’s desk, clothing is in a bin off to the side of the room, and water bottles are on the counter right as you walk in. After several weeks or months, the lost and found bins begin to overflow and Mrs. Nolan starts to sort through the collection.

    Have you ever wondered what happens to the variety of items that are never claimed by their owners? Mrs. Nolan said, “We make sure the items are clean and then donate them to shelters.” As you can see in the picture, Mrs. Nolan said the most frequently lost item is water bottles. There are roughly 20 water bottles in the lost and found waiting to be picked up.  Mrs. Nolan said the weirdest thing she can recall that was lost was “two retainers at the same time.” If you happened to have lost a backpack, lunch box, water bottle, or any clothes make sure you check the lost and found, before it is too late.