Cheering on the girls


Katie and Makenna (the writer) both enjoy cheer and attended a recent banquet.

Makenna Lenges, Staff Writer

Freshman Katie Kiesel is interested in two sports that are completely different. Katie plays for the girls varsity Flag Football team and is also on the JV cheer team. Katie used to compete on a competitive cheer team at Florida Top Dog Allstars on a level 1 prep team. Although she is no longer on a competitive team, cheer is still one of her favorite sports that she says she will continue to do. Katie is focusing on school sports and giving them her all and putting a lot of effort and determination into each game and practice. Katie also has a younger sister. The two are pretty close and do many different things together. On the weekends during her free time, Katie goes to the gym, hangs out with friends and does her homework. She enjoys going to the gym because she said, “It is a stress reliever and helps me stay healthy and fit.” Katie has many role models that inspire her. In Flag Football, her role models are all of the seniors because “they really try their best at all times and push me to do better and improve.” In life, it is both of her parents because she said “they are always there for me and push me to be the absolute best person I can be.” Katie said her parents push her to try her best and will continue to stand by her side and support her actions no matter what.