Best in the field


Colton Wicks plays soccer on the weekends on a regular basis.

Ava Loschiavo, Sports Editor/Writer

Freshman Colton Wicks enjoys participating in the sport of soccer with friends often on his free time. He has a chocolate labradoodle that he and his family adore. Her name is Dixie and she is two years old. He likes Osceola, and said, “I get to see all of my friends and it is a fun school to go to.” On weekends, he enjoys being the referee for the younger kids playing soccer. Like Colton, his 12 year old sister plays soccer as well. She is also very involved in the sport. She enjoys playing on the same team as her friends.

“Soccer is a very dedicated sport, it often will take up your weekends because there are lots of tournaments,” he said. Outside of school, he is very busy practicing for these tournaments. “One of the most important things is about being able to communicate. If a team isn’t getting along, it isn’t a team. Everything get discombobulated and it doesn’t work out well,” he said. “I started soccer when I was six years old, and I haven’t stopped playing. I started because most of my friends were playing and I thought I would try it out,” he said. Some other sports he has participated in are baseball, flag football, and swimming. Some other hobbies that he enjoys are fishing, skim boarding, and boating. Often times he does these activities with friends or family. When he gets older he would like to become an engineer because he enjoys fixing things when they need to be fixed.