Shining bright


Kendyl practices ballet.

Makenna Lenges, Sports Editor/ Writer

Kendyl Sheffield is a freshman this year. Kendyl doesn’t participate in any school sports, but she is very involved in dance outside of school at Tutterow Dance Academy. Dance has been a big part of her life for seven years now, ever since she was about eight years old. Kendyl said, “My favorite type of dance is contemporary because I think it looks cool, and is very fun to perform.” If she wasn’t involved in dance, Kendyl said she would probably be into soccer. Dance takes up most of Kendyl’s time and is even what she enjoys doing in her free time, but when she has extra time she likes to surf and go to the beach and hang out with her brother. Kendyl’s brother is two years younger than her. She said, “He is mostly nice to me, he is tall and has brown hair.” Kendyl has always looked up to her parents because she said “They care for my brother and I at all times.” Her parents are her top role models that always lead her to success. Kendyl’s parents always wants the best for her and her brother.