Testing the water


Freshman, Blake Johnston starting his day off in Biology class.

Makenna Lenges, Copy editor / writer

    Blake Johnston is a freshman this year who is invested in swimming. Swimming has been part of Blake’s life since he was six years old. He has many accomplishments in swim, and he said his greatest accomplishment was “When my relay broke the PCL record.” Not only is Blake interested in swimming, he is also very into lacrosse. He said, “I’ve grown up playing these sports, so I stuck with these sports.” Blake has a twin brother, Gavin, and a younger brother. Gavin is also a freshman and is Blake’s twin. They are very similar, but do have their differences. Their younger brother, who is nine years old, does everything with his older brothers and he never runs out of energy.

    During Blake’s free time he likes to “hang out with his brothers, go on the boat, go wakeboarding, and go fishing.”  Blake and his two brothers do just about everything with one another and are always together. Blake, Gavin and their brother all really enjoy going fishing on the weekends or whenever they have the free time to be able to. Blake said, “I have been interested in fishing ever since I was able to walk.” Their dad normally takes all of them out of the boat close to every weekend because it is something that the guys of the family enjoy doing. Blake looks up to many people whether it is in fishing, swimming, or just overall life in general. Blake said his biggest role model is his mom because, “She always makes me strive to do my best.” Many people are there to support Blake with whatever he does, from sports to school work. Blake said he will continue to do his best and put his all into lacrosse, swim and school.