Facing new obstacles


This file picture is from 2019's practice season for the girls.

Makenna Lenges, Copy editor / writer

Olivia Severance is a freshman this year. She is on the OHS JV cheer team and participates in lacrosse. Her favorite sport is lacrosse because of the team. She said, “I love building bonds with my other teammates and watching everyone grow as a whole and as an individual.” Olivia has had many accomplishments, and a few of them are from being in cheer and lacrosse. Her greatest achievement in lacrosse is trying and joining a new sport, becoming a hard worker, and learning sportsmanship. Another one of her greatest achievements was in cheer. Olivia faced her fears and stepped outside of her comfort zones. She joined cheer because of experience. “I was on a competitive Allstar cheer team for 4 years previously”. She also joined lacrosse because she grew up playing lacrosse with her cousins in Maine and she remembered how much fun she had, so she decided to join the club team at the school. Olivia has many friends and family that support her, but her biggest supporter is her sister. She said, “My biggest supporter is my sister who has autism. She is always so proud of me and loves to see the best in people”. Olivia also has people that she tends to look up to. Her role model is her mom. She said, “She is always chasing and pursuing her passion, and she is very loving”. In Olivia’s free time, she enjoys going swimming, being outdoors, and she also has fun when hanging out with her friends. When Olivia gets older, she would like to own her own business or own an animal sanctuary and farm, because she enjoys working and being around animals. Olivia has two dogs of her own, which are named Gracie and Paxton. Olivia will continue to go out of her comfort zone and to try new things, and she will have many people supporting her every step of the way.