Warriors prepare for summer


Hanging out under the palms could be a good way to spend summer.

Vaughn Salcedo, Writer

As the school year comes to a close, summer is coming to a start. Some activities people do are going to concerts, watching movies, and reading books. They can also take an online course,  get ahead for next school year, have cookouts or picnics, go to theme parks, go on vacations,  earn money, go to sports games, swim, and much more. Azalee Nelson, 9th grade, said she “might go to Europe or Hawaii” this summer. Makenna Lenges, 9th grade, said she’s “going to the beach a lot and going on vacation.” this summer. Ava Loschiavo, 9th grade, said she’s doing the same thing. Ms. Thompson, Digital Information Technology and Digital Design teacher, said that she is “taking students to the FBLA National Competition in San Antonio, Texas.” She also said what she really wants to do is “go backpacking in the woods somewhere.” Ms. Brandt, Critical Thinking, AVID, and volleyball teacher, said what she’s doing this summer is “visiting family in New Jersey and competing in masters’ swim meets and open water competitions.” She also said her son and daughter, who are both members of the military, are coming to visit too.