Practicing to be the best


Tessa Wilkinson always tries to do her best while playing.

Ava Loschiavo, Sports writer / editor

Freshman Tessa Wilkinson enjoys playing lacrosse for Osceola. This year she has learned that teamwork is the best thing to use in order to win a game. “Everyone needs to work together in order to succeed,” she said. She is always determined to try her best on and off the field. She decided to do lacrosse this year because she wanted to try something new and it looked like a fun sport to try. Tessa has two siblings, an older brother and an older sister. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach with her friends and practicing lax. 

Tessa looks up to many people who inspire her and who help her do her absolute best, but her biggest role model is her older brother. “He is my role model because he is a cool person to be around and he’s a very successful person,” she stated.