A drop in the bucket

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A drop in the bucket

Giselle Samonek, Staff Writer

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     High school goes by so fast that many students don’t want to miss a single thing.  Students usually enjoy participating in school events where they are able to meet up with their friends. Most high schools provide activities and events that students may find fun and engaging. However, high school isn’t all fun and games.  Students should also be mindful of classes, clubs, and honors societies they take part in throughout their high school career.  This list of suggestions is for high school students to consider while making their decisions for the next four years of school.

  1. Pick classes that peak your interest. Along with your mandatory classes, it is important to pick a few that you find interesting.  This class could lead to a possible future career choice or hobby. Interesting classes are offered to students for those reasons. Some examples of interesting classes are 2d studio art, literature in the media, creative writing, journalism or world religions. There’s something for everyone.
  2. Take up a sport. While you’re cramming your brain with information, it’s important to let off some steam. Exercise is very important, especially for adolescents. The school offers a wide selection of sports teams to join such as, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track, volleyball, and even golf.
  3. Challenge yourself. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and for a bit of a harder class than they are used to. If you are used to a regular English class, perhaps try honors, or if you seem to be performing well in your honors history class, go for AP. You may be surprised how well you can succeed in an upper level course.
  4. Show your school spirit. Want to show how much pride you have in your school? Attend one of the school’s sports games. You’ll be captivated by the hyped up crowd and the high stakes of the game. Sports events are also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
  5. Join a club. If sports isn’t really your thing, don’t fret. There are plenty of clubs to choose from. Want to show off your extensive knowledge on any subject? Join the academic team. Want to show off your feisty side? Join the debate team. And there’s more, like a foreign language club.
  6. Take a foreign language. Taking a foreign language helps you better yourself and makes you able to connect with people in different parts of the world. Taking a foreign language in high school helps you stand out in college, and may even help you land a job or discover a love of languages.
  7. Be a part of an honors society. There are many perks of joining of an honor society. One perk, of course, is receiving a cord to display your excellence and how hard you worked. There are honor societies for everything. Some were sprouted out of clubs. Imagine joining a club for something you enjoy and being able to earn a scholarship in return.
  8. Take out a library book. Visit the school library. Not enough people do. Libraries of all kinds are great resources, even more so when made readily available to students. You may not know what you will find. Libraries have plenty of books for readers of all kinds.
  9. Dance the night away. Students deserve fun too, and at what better event than Homecoming? Homecoming is a dance usually set early in the year. Students should think about attending at least one while in high school.
  10. More dances. Prom is a celebration, usually, of a student’s last year of high school, as a way of sending them of their way. Even if you don’t have a special someone, it can still be a blast spending the night with your best friends.