Racing into Mario Kart


Katie Gonzales is happily playing Mario Kart.

Alyssa Owens and Katie Gonzales

        The new Mario Kart mobile game was released on Wednesday, September 25th. It was a highly anticipated game and the release excited many players. Upon the game’s release, it was extremely popular among all ages, and many students within the school were actively participating in the game. Although there was much excitement, their preferences and opinions differ.


        Q- What is your favorite aspect of the game?

         A- “The nostalgia from playing on the Wii.” – One sophomore

        A – “The Japanese names that beat you.” – One freshman


        Q- Who’s your favorite character and why?

         A- “Yoshi, because I always played as him as a kid.” -Alyssa Tallman, 11th grade

          A- “Shy Guy, because he’s awesome.” -Zachary Sakacsi, 10th grade


        Q- So far, what is your favorite cup?

   A- “I would say the beach would be my favorite cup, because it’s very fun to drift on.” -Darius Threatts, 12th grade

   A- “My favorite is the star cup, because it is the easiest and the most fun.” – Grayson Loverne, 10th grade

   A – “Diamond” -One freshman