Spooky season DIY

Kylie Kagan and Johana Campas are getting in the fall spirit by making spooky DIYs.

Kylie Kagan and Johana Campas are getting in the fall spirit by making spooky DIYs.

Kylie Kagan and Johana Campas

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With Halloween right around the corner, and all the money spent on costumes among other things, this holiday can get very pricey and things can add up fast. That’s when you must get creative and think outside the box. There are a few easy DIY decorations that are very fun and festive for the fall season. Here are a few cute DIYs that you can make at home without breaking the bank. The materials will be listed followed by a simple step by step instructional procedure to easily make the crafts without confusion. Let’s begin!

  1. Paper pumpkins

Materials: white paper, yellow and orange paint, brown and green pipe cleaners and glue

How to: Cut white paper into multiple strips and cut two circles that will be measured according to the size of the top and bottom of the pumpkin. Take the first circle and lay it on a flat surface, then take the strips of paper and glue the corner on one end on one circle and glue the other end on the other circle. This should look like a strip on paper with a circle glued to each end. Turning the circle slightly and glue another strip of paper. Connect to the top circle. This is important because this pumpkin will start having a three-dimensional shape. Repeat this process all the way around the circle until the strips of paper run out and end up with a paper sphere. Now take the brown pipe cleaner to use as a stem and take the green pipe cleaner and bend it into a leaf shape and glue it to the top of the pumpkin along with the stem. Optional: Get orange and yellow paint and put it on a paint brush. Take the paint brush and hover it over the pumpkin than gently tap the paint brush to add a pop of color to the paper pumpkin.

  1. Spooky hand soap

Materials: clear hand soap, yellow, green or purple food dye and any spooky add ins.

How to: First take the clear hand soap and unscrew the top and add the food dye. Then put the top back on the hand soap and shake it up till the food dye is evenly spread out. After that will add in your choice of spooky add ins.