Cute cupcake critters


Johana Campas and Kylie Kagan creating some DIY Halloween treats.

Johana Campas and Kylie Kagan

Many people are preparing for the upcoming holiday, Halloween! Since many are throwing a Halloween party some are missing the perfect accent to their get together for friends and family. Theirs always room for improvement to any festivity that might be thrown. Here is the perfect solution to add a special touch to any party. CUTE CUPCAKE CRITTERS! This is an easy step by step process to make the perfect décor to add on to any food that may be served.

Grocery items:
cupcakes (any amount)

Donut holes


Pretzel sticks

Orange sprinkles

Spider cupcakes:

Start with a super yummy package of homemade or store-bought cupcakes. Then place your donut hole in the center on top of the cupcake. After place some M&Ms for eyes on the cupcake frosting so they will stick, then put three pretzel sticks on the frosting on each side of the cupcake for legs.

Pumpkin theme cupcakes:

Begin with a vanilla or chocolate frosted cupcake and orange sprinkles. To start, take the orange sprinkles and drizzle them on a paper plate, then take the cupcake and dip it fully in the orange sprinkles so the cupcakes are completely covered. This will look like the top of the pumpkin, so then just take a pretzel stick and stick it in the top to look like the stem of a pumpkin. Ta da! The supper cute and spooky inspired cupcake is done.

Ghost Cupcakes:

The ghost cupcakes are the simplest of them all. All that is needed is the M&Ms and a cupcake. Simple! Put two M&Ms gently placed anywhere on the cupcake to make eyes. What is nice about these cupcakes is you don’t just need white cupcakes because any color that can be used, it doesn’t just have to look like a ghost. Now the super simple and super spooky ghost cupcakes are finished.

So go ahead…

Get creative!