Staff takes on holiday shopping


Many students are ready and excited for the holidays.

Alyssa Owens, Katie Gonzales

According to CNBC, this year’s Cyber Monday sales are projected to reach a total of 9.4 billion dollars. Last year, sales reached 7.9 billion. While Cyber Monday is a popular date to complete shopping for the holidays, there are also other opportunities such as Black Friday along with the weeks leading up to gift-exchanging celebrations.

Many people prefer to shop at different times and different ways. Mrs. Polizzi said she prefers “shopping online because my family lives out of state and I can buy, ship, and sometimes they even wrap your gifts for you.” Black Friday also seems to be popular with the school staff. Ms. Valdes said, “Online shopping is awesome and Black Friday is the best time to do it.”

Mrs. Bowling has a different way to get her holiday shopping done. Her children send her lists of gifts they’d like along with the websites and she picks secret items out of the list to keep the gifts a surprise. She said, “I love Black Friday, I completed all of my shopping this weekend online.” Mrs. Groshans, the school librarian, isn’t much of a Black Friday shopper herself.  She said her shopping is “usually done in December, but I am not a Christmas Eve shopper.”