Top 3 news stories this week


Raine Lester, 12th grade, watches CNN 10 to get her daily news.

Logan Ferrell, staff writer

Hey, Warriors! This week has been a very busy week for pressing news stories on the world stage.  My name is Logan Ferrell, and here are three big news stories this week.

1: Trump Impeachment 

This month, the House judiciary committee has decided to continue with the impeachment process. The House of Representatives is controlled by the Democratic Party. The House has reason to start this process, but the Republican-controlled senate will likely not vote President Trump out of office.

2: Thirty states over holiday battered by snow

From California to Maine, snow blanketed the U.S. over Thanksgiving break. The NWS (National Weather Service) said “Road travel is horrific” and citizens should “avoid unnecessary travel at all costs”. An employee at the NSW in Caribou, Maine had to ride his snowmobile to work the snow was so high. People across America have lost power. At the peak of the bad weather, at least 100,000 customers in Maine alone lost power.

3: North Korean government promises “Christmas present” for U.S.

Over the break, a North Korean top official stated the U.S will get a present for Christmas. The official also said that this present will depend on how the ongoing talks between the governments go. 

This week was a crazy week! Stay safe over the break! And have a happy holiday season!