Students prepare to get back in the groove


Warriors set multiple alarms to prevent oversleeping.

Tristan Fondren, staff writer

With break ending, students have been off for two weeks and that can make it hard to get back in the flow of things.

Kids must get back in the learning mindset, and Warriors have some success-inducing suggestions.

Abby Botsford, 9th grade, said, “I make sure to wake up on time and eat a good breakfast. The key is to be disciplined, which helps so I’m not tired throughout the following school day.”

Cassidy Barrett, 12th grade, said, “I make sure to go to bed early and turn my phone off. My plan is to ban social media.” Compared to some students, Drew Kelly, 9th grade, doesn’t take chances, Kelly said, “I set 3 alarms in the morning, so I don’t sleep through the alarm and get late for the morning bus at 6:30.”