Google to get rid of cookies “within two years”


Haley Wyble, Staff Writer

According to CNN, “within two years”  Google will be getting rid  of  “support” of third-party cookies.
When a website asks users to accept that they are using cookies, it means that website is tracking that user’s website activity. According to Hewlett Packard, third-party cookies collects data about the cookies’ user and targets them with ads based on their “personal online behavior.”

A computer cookie is also called “HTTP cookie”, “Web cookie”, “internet cookie” and “browser cookie.” Websites can also use cookies to track what users do on their website and be able to identify the user’s computer.
Websites can either use this data to sell products or they can use it to adjust the websites.
Google has not yet said what they are going to replace cookies with. According to CNN, “There are fears Google can use its size and dominance to keep collecting data even without cookies and stifle competition in the process.”
If Google makes this change, then it can affect users and websites alike.