Warriors work to organize


Student Julia Kinney uses her locker shelf to improve her organization.

Courtney Sipos, writer

The new year has started and it’s time for a change. How about improving organization? Nolan Fitzpatrick, 9th grade said, “I plan on cleaning out my folders and keeping only things I need so my backpack will be lighter and more organized.”

So, what are some other ways that students stay organized? Rozlynn McNally, 9th grade said, “I stay organized by writing things down, keeping binders with different sections, and not procrastinating.”  Taking steps to keep up with all of your work can have big benefits.

Another freshman said, “Organization is how I keep my grades up. I use organization when I study so I can understand it better, which helps me a lot.” Hopefully these organization tips help you improve your last semester of 2019-2020.